Saturday, October 19, 2019

Solve a Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Solve a Problem - Essay Example Although the entire job of banking has been carried out manually, the customers’ satisfaction has been the prime object of Vangi. A few years before, the operations were computerized in their main office and it did not lay any impact on the rural branches. Core Banking Solution (CBS) recently introduced by the Government among the Nationalized Banks currently covers Vangi also in its threshold. Vangi now faces the problem of meeting the challenges in connection with its sudden push into a national network of CBS. Entirely new and systematic conversion into the new system of CBS has put Vangi to cope with enormous pressure from all corners. The main problem faced by the Vangi is to hone the rural branches that were hitherto doing their jobs in a very limited sphere of their areas incorporating their accounts with Vangi. Although a specific time frame is allowed, Vangi considers the permitted time frame is not sufficient to actually plunge into the CBS network. When trying to untie the knots of problems encountered, a generalized thesis surfaces. Problems can be distinguished on any number of meaningful dimensions and the mental steps and solution processes we engage in may widely differ for different types of problems. (Frensch and Funke, ) All the above steps comprise two different ways to handle namely, convergent and divergent approaches. While the divergent approach covers all the possible and feasible findings in the course, the convergent approach facilitates fixing the hotspots thereby nearing the crux of any problem easy. The divergent thinking processes commonly lead to creative thinking. The process usually begins at a single point or with a single question but extend the search in many different directions generating a wide variety of new possibilities. (J. Treffinger et al, 2005) In the first step of Objective Finding, I come across some seven factors that are nearly related to the goal

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