Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Forum 5 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Forum 5 - Research Paper Example most effective of what is commonly known as â€Å"business to customer communications† which effectively influences consumers to an organization or its brand products due to its dual way communication (Bowie and Buttle, 2012, n.p.). The customer communication effort is particularly effective because of its personalized approach that focuses on individual consumers. It similarly has a number of efficiencies that facilitate communication between businesses and their consumers towards capturing consumers’ attention and influencing them into preferring an organization and its products. The low cost of email communication as well as its speed in communication for example allows organizations to respond to consumers’ enquiries in a faster and affordable way, communicating the organization’s efficiency and the value it puts on consumers (Masterman and Wood, 2006). Application of emails also promotes consumers’ confidence in an organization and its products due to a continued contact even after purchase (Turner and Weickgenannt, 2008). The associated advantages and efficiencies of emails therefore identify it as a successful way of putting an organization’s name in front of current customers and potential customers. This is, further, because the approach induces confidence among the

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