Friday, October 18, 2019

Review of the Management Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Review of the Management Literature - Essay Example There are evidences regarding the differences in the attitudes and interests across these two generations, which would be found throughout the workplace. In today’s world most of the organizations face severe problems. But these problems does not relate to downsizing, foreign competition, change etc. They are having difficulty in handling various generations, which constitute the entire workforce. The generation conflict within the workforce is found to be one of the common problems for most of the organizations. This is not a minor problem and lack of attention in the generation difference would result in reduced efficiencies of the organizations. Thus, a good understanding about the generation differences for strengthening the work relationship between different employees is highly crucial. At first it becomes necessary to understand generation X and generation Y. Generation X: Individuals falling in this category are born in between 1965 to 1980. The people belong to this a ge group work very hard for the betterment of the overall performance of the organization. But at the same time, if better opportunity knocks at their door then they do not hesitate in switching their jobs. The work-life balance is an important factor for this generation. This generation also believes that people would be giving their best output if they are offered the freedom to be innovative and creative in life. People belonging to this particular generation like to explain in details the reason behind any decision making within the organization and they motivate the employees in such manner that they can easily understand all the decisions adapted and have an idea about the reason behind them as well. This generation believes in strengthening of communication within the workplace by means of email. Generation Y: Individuals belonging to this generation are born in between 1981 to 2000. The people belonging to this age group believe that they possess some brilliant ideas and as a result they just want to do give their best (Eisner, 2005; Sujansky, 2004). They believe that the results would follow the performance automatically. They like working in their respective workplaces and enjoy meeting their responsibilities until they get bored out of it. They believe that working from home is equally good like working from office as long as the work is getting completed (Allen, 2004; Johns, 2003). Texting is the best mode of remaining in touch with the generation Y member in the work place. Main problem arising in the work place Generation Y takes more time taking direction for completing their work as compared to Generation X. The Generation Y employees possess a high sense of morality, are sociable and ready to fight for independence. These individuals have high values for their friends and family. These individuals prefer taking intellectual challenges and strive for making differences in themselves (Martin and Tulgan, 2006). They prefer their employers to have such skills, which would help them in their professional development (Brown, 2004). This generation does not get highly motivated by the objective of making good deal of money (Francis-Smith, 2004). They believe in doing meaningful work and want to be appreciated for their performances (Zemke Raines and Filipczak, 2000). Setting personal goals as well as achieving those matters to a great extent to these generation individuals. Moreover,

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