Tuesday, October 15, 2019

International Human Resourse Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

International Human Resourse Management - Essay Example (Friel, 2005) It is important for the better operations of HR management that it keeps changing and evolving according to the changing needs of employees and workforce itself. It becomes particularly more central when the organizations operates or intends to operate internationally. Since the past decade, there are a number of factors that are motivating organizations to go global, these includes the Global population Changes, Economic interdependence, Regional and Political Alliance, and rapid advancement of telecommunications and swift transfer of information. Across the globe, population growth in developed and industrialized countries is decreasing, such as the European Union (EU), the United States and Japan. This decline in birth rates results in more of an aging population and that further results in lesser number of workers as well as consumers. On the other hand, in countries like China, India, Africa, Australia and other regions of the world, the population grows significantly. It is for this reason companies think of going global and have internationally established operations, by exploiting the growing, highly-potential customer base. (Cascio, 2003) Second reason why companies go global is the increasing economic interdependence. Despite of global recession, the four largest economies of the world are U.S., Japan, China, and Germany. Therefore, organizations in other countries take it as an opportunity and expand. Another driving force is the rapid advancement of telecommunications and technology. The worldwide intensification of Internet is making the information flow from one to another easier and quicker. Today, Satellite technology exists in the villages of India, China, Africa and Latin America. U.S. economy would have pulverized without the support of chips, screens and software from Asia. With this turning of

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