Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Book review article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Book review - Article Example ave an enormous task to create a relaxed and comfortable environment in which learners discover the complexities associated with the language and language acquisition (Kinginger, 2013, pp.21). However, knowledge of linguistics does not necessarily lead to successful language teaching practice. Jack Richards and Theodore Rodgers (2007) in the book Approaches and methods in language teaching discusses the major trends in language teaching in the twentieth century. The two authors emphasize the benefits of cooperative language teaching in contemporary classroom settings. On the other hand, Wei Li, Vivian Cook, and Flowerdew (2009) in the book dubbed Contemporary applied linguistics focus on the different perceptions, attitude and motivation that learners have toward the target language and how they (perception, attitude and motivation) affect language learning. Meanwhile, Karlfried Knapp (2007) in the book Handbooks of applied linguistics: communication competence, language and communic ation problems practical solution, discusses the domains of language awareness. Cooperative learning (CL) is arguably one of the most efficient language learning strategies for all student types, including mainstream students, English language learners (ELLs) and academically gifted students (Richards & Rodgers 2007, pp. 192). It not only promotes learning but also fosters friendship and respect among diverse groups of learners. Through cooperative learning strategies, students learn to depend on each other in a rather positive way for different learning tasks. However, it is imperative that teachers establish classroom protocols and norms that guide students to share, encourage each other, stay on task, contribute, and solve problems (Richards & Rodgers 2007, p. 192). The classroom norms will also guide students to help each other, as well as give and accept feedback from peers. Cooperative learning is particularly useful to students learning a second language. Besides, it promotes

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