Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Value and Ethics in the workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Value and Ethics in the workplace - Essay Example In global environment, an individual reconciles persona;, organizational and cultural values from national and international traditions and unique personal vision of life and business practices. In the past few decades, global corporations have generated a significant number of economic, moral, and political questions. Far too often, discussions of these issues have been inappropriately separated from each other. The moral behavior of transnational corporations and the implications that transnationals have for the nation-state are two such discussions. There is the importance of the moral conditions within which institutions, such as corporations and the state, may act when we note, among other things, the special powers they have, the temptations to which they may be subjected, and the competitive pressures under which politicians and transnational corporations operate (Boatright, 1997). In short, both individuals and institutions are affected by the moral conditions which surround them. Within complex situations defined by the preceding conditions, we might expect that the behavior of individuals (natural or artificial) would tend to be moral. In short, under such conditions individuals may anticipate being held morally responsible for what they do (or bring about), either in the sense that they intentionally brought it about or were in a situation such that they could have effected certain actions and their consequences. Their behavior would also be that of moral citizens to the extent that an additional condition is also fulfilled (Beauchamp and Bowie 2003). Individuals derive personal values from personal vision of life and life experiences based on national and cultural moral values. In the global context, individuals view themselves as subject to a commitment or loyalty to the community or society of which they are members. This commitment is to certain values and principles shaped by the historical

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