Monday, September 23, 2019

Letter to the editor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Letter to the editor - Essay Example These concerns have ever been raised in the in various social media but still the topic remains unexhausted. There are varied views held by different stakeholders in the society. Some parents recommend for increased adoption of recent technologies among the children and have even bought handsets for children to access the social media more easily. Some groups, however, have criticized the indulgence of the children in social media that would have negative impacts in their lives. As a matter of fact, the social media such as the televisions have far reaching impacts on the children yet are allowed to operate freely without restrictions! The televisions air advertisements that do not promote morals of the children. For instance, advertisement showing some children engaged in partying or drinking behaviors teach teenagers nothing good but rather creating awareness of immoral activities that do not inspire them achieve successful lives. Televisions need to involve teenagers in choosing what is morally right for displaying to the viewers. Some television channels are after making money and care less for the morals of children. This is because the immoral adverts pay huge amounts of money and the television media could reap high profits. To combat these practices, the development of media act is necessary in order to regulate these activities by the television media to promote a better future for the teenagers. The activities of the television service providers h ave minimum regulation and this limits interventions of state authorities. The developments in the social media have also enabled the uncontrolled monitoring of the children access to unwanted content. There are very many social network platforms used by teenagers at the back of parents’ knowledge. Consequently, the parents would not know the information shared by the children in order to impose restrictive measures. For instance, the parents are aware of the Facebook social

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