Thursday, August 29, 2019

Maimonides and an Eternal Universe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Maimonides and an Eternal Universe - Essay Example By following the Biblical, Aristotelian and Neo-Platonism Maimonides expresses God as absolutely necessary and completely uncaused unity. Due to this Maimonides follows the Neo-Platonist tradition of envisioning God as the purest of all beings. This means that it is a being that transcends any other divisions. It is evident that this sense of unity has accounted for the Maimonides strong negative theology. Also as God is a subject about whom we cannot predict it then portrays that he transcends the normal parameters of language and conceptualization. (Hyman, 20-23).When Maimonides says that the world is created ex nihilo, some theological-political readings answer negatively because of the presumptions about the philosophy of the scripture. It is apparent that according to the theological-political reading Maimonides may be suppressing his real view because he is not reinterpreting the biblical scripture. He believes that there is no proof for the Aristotelian that is available thus creation is a live option. This tends to be an inference best explanation for holding the view of prima facie. This makes Maimonides to favor ex nihilo and therefore opposing the eternity of the world (Hyman, 28).Maimonides to one group is heretic while to another his views are a model of conventional orthodoxy. It is evident that Maimonides reasoning and point of view was due to the strong faith he had in the truth and eternity of the Torah of Moses and the traditions derived from it (Fox, 8).

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